Favalley, Co-Founded by a Malayali- Nikita Hari wins recognition at Hult Prize -London

Favalley Team : Nikita (centre) ,Martin, Paulo and Stefano (from left)

Favalley-Co-Founded by four enthusiastic and enterprising Cambridge PhD Scholars-Paulo, Nikita, Stefano and Martin recently made an impressive debut at the Hult Regional Finals in London which is the biggest social entrepreneurial event in the world. They pitched to a brilliant audience with over 300 participants, judges and organizers, at the Museum of London, on the evening of Saturday 12 March, as one of the 6 finalist ,out of 60 participating teams, chosen from 25,000 applicants from across the globe.
favalleyFavalley is a social enterprise with the mission of turning slums around the world into the next Silicon Valleys. This social start-up, will teach youth living in slums to code through gaming, then provide tutoring to them and will get them placed with IT jobs- all for free! Thus, they aim to provide a better life and stable income to millions of young women and men living in over-crowded urban spaces in the world. This project is soon to be launched in Chennai, India with BHUMI- who is the partnering NGO .

nikkkiNikita Hari, the Malayali Co-founder  who is a PhD student in Electrical Engineering at Cambridge said “We could not have asked for a better debut-it was a wonderful opportunity and spectacular experience with amazing jury and fantastic teams ; we have received great feedback and many words of encouragement from the judges and participants at the HULT prize London and now we believe we can turn this idea into a stunning reality.Dr Richard Broyd, director at Waypoint Capital, Northill Capital and Sollers, as well as Chairman of Reach-to-Teach, told us on the night: “Favalley is a great idea, I hope you guys will keep going with this”.

‘#Favalley’ and ‘@favalleyHackers’ were trending in the social media at @Hult prize # HP16 : Hult [email protected]  : “Turning slums into the next Silicon Valley”– awesome thinking! #hp16 #urbanimpact

Jon-Andreas Soldberg, former Policy and Strategy Advisor at UN Habitat :@favalleyHackers; An amazing idea that I’m excited to follow further! @hultprize #hp16

Carolina Arriagada Peters, Head of Europe, Middle East, Africa and Latin America at London & Partners, the official promotional organization for London :Congrats to @favalleyHackers for great project/pitch yesterday at @hultprize London. Please keep going & let me known if I can be of any help.

Arifa Nasim, invited speaker on the night of the event and Founder & Executive Director of Educate 2 Eradicate and UK youth delegate to UN:#Favalley is an incredible idea and I wish you good luck with it! Very well presented!

Elías Kamal Jabbe, writer in Dubai and jury at HULT Dubai regionals :Favelas+SiliconValley=[email protected]_Uni students’ idea; share #STEM skills globally #HP16


on Favalley journey – “Stefano, Paulo and Martin are incredibly smart people and wonderful human beings with whom I planted, nurtured and developed this dream which has blossomed into our vision and passion now. We are an awesome team-we are best friends and together, we are building something phenomenal and we are here to make this happen …! So join us -be part of our vision to empower millions of young women and men living in slums by giving wings to their aspirations!” CdX1_VTW8AABqhLYou can follow Favalley’s journey online at favalley.com, contact us at [email protected], Twitter (https://twitter.com/favalleyHackers), Facebook (www.facebook.com/favalley) and Linkedin (www.linkedin.com/company/favalley).

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